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Medical Web Design

Your web site is a critical extension of you and your business and generally the first impression a client, investor, vendor or potential employee will see when they are looking for your company. The company that designs your web strategy needs to be more than just technically competent. They need to be creative, innovative and have a proven track record of success. Your web site should reflect a positive public image and assist you in accomplishing your business goals. If your strategy is well defined you can expect your website to increase revenues, decrease operating costs and increase the equity value of your business.

A well designed, professional, and informative medical website will enable you to compete directly in this ever-growing market. Micron can provide you with a professional web site that includes:

  • Informative medical content development
  • High resolution, professional graphics
  • Professionally detailed HTML coding
  • Website tracking and reports
  • Content Development
  • Online patient forms
  • Custom designs with emphasis on ranking
  • Fast loading, visitor friendly web pages
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Search engine marketing
  • Hosting
  • Appointment request forms
  • HIPAA email

Why choose Micron?

Many website design companies offer solutions that require you to maintain, update and keep track of your website. They market these services by saying they put you in control, save you money, and get more traffic to your site.

Micron believes you can still accomplish these goals without you doing the work. You're busy enough as it is. Why spend your valuable time trying to figure out how to use the software that came with your website 'package', or worse yet, pay someone else in your office to handle it for you?

You wouldn't expect your patients to file their own claims or keep track of their own billing. We don't expect you to maintain your website, keep track of the reports, or update the content in your site.

Beware of companies of who offer solutions that require you to do all the work once the site is built. Many times you will find that the expensive software or 'state-of-the-art' technology you purchased really boils down to the company walking away from your project and more work for you. In the end you are taking time away from what is really important: taking care of your patients.

Medical Information & the Internet

Millions of People searched health topics online, making the act of looking for health information one of the most popular online activities, second only to email.

A recent article reports that patients are increasingly seeking medical advice and assistance online and by email, and that health plans and insurance companies across the country are now reimbursing health care providers for these consultations.

Advantages of a professionally designed site

A professional medical website is not simply another form of advertising. It's a full-time, interactive medium for educating patients and promoting your practice. Your website will quickly provide a way for patients to learn more about you, your practice, and their condition and care. Medical consumers frequently research health information anonymously. Many patients who would avoid asking questions in person frequently go online for answers. Your medical website will enable you to better control the quality of information provided.


New patient acquisition and referrals
  • We have surgeons receiving hundreds of new patients from their websites
  • Allow new patients to easily locate and view your practice via the web.

Current patient education and awareness
  • Increase staff efficiency with on-line directions, patient forms, and appointment scheduling.
  • Improve practice communication via on-line office questions, appointment reminders, and patient support.
Unique practice differentiation
  • A visually appealing website with accurate and informative content builds confidence and trust in your practice.
  • A robust and eye appealing site coupled with local search engine optimization separates your practice from other doctors in your area.

We take care of everything
  • We maintain your site including updates, edits, e-mail, compliance, domain registration, and site traffic report.
  • All sites are hosted on Micron's dedicated network of web, mail and database servers at our high-security data center.




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